Benefits and Advantages for Employees

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Employee benefits are a powerful “tool“ if used in the right way. How to motivate people better than to offer them benefits they can choose by themselves according to their needs, preferences and without any precise date to use them. Thanks to our system, employee benefits can be drawn anytime. It is possible to determine the schedule (employee decides when the benefit will be used and also can choose ones in the proximity of his home). It is the best what you can offer to your employees. They can choose from the areas of sport, culture, travelling, health a others. Employee benefits do not only serve as a remuneration for a well done job but especially as a motivation tool. Your people will work better and more efficient thanks to them.

Employee benefit examples: 




  • discounts for accommodation
  • travel agencies
  • spas




  • cooking classes
  • driving schools
  • language courses
  • dancing courses


  • cinemas nad theatres
  • tickets
  • castles and chateaus
  • music performances


  • fitness
  • fighting sports
  • ball games
  • swimming pools



  • pharmacies
  • rehabilitations
  • massages
  • body care
  • vaccination
  • wellness 


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