I Want to be a Partner

chci-byt-partneremIs your capacity full, don´t you have enough time to sell or do you have to deny your customers? Congratulations! Do not read any further, the cooperation with us is not for you.

If your case is opposite – you wish to acquire new customers, increase sales or to be more visible, try to cooperate with us.

We are searching for the right partners for our clients. Places where the clients could spend their free time, buy interesting goods and services, have fun or just relax for a while. We are searching for partners at whom our clients could effectively spend their financial resources, employee benefits, rewards etc.


What it brings me

We do not promise hundred thousands of new customers or hundred millions in new sales as the others do. We offer a respectable cooperation with following advantages:

  • A wide portfolio of your clients who can make a purchase at you.
  • You can present your company and offer in the Gallery Beta for free (who else offers you this nowadays?). The presentation is automatically translated into English in order to be visible to abroad clients as well.
  • We will set up your company account and profile in the Gallery Beta thanks to which you can manage your presentation, add information, pictures, videos, actions offers or to address customers in any other way.
  • You will get an  overview about all purchases. You know who and when has purchased at you. A customer gets a specific face and you can work with him much better.
  • We offer you other options of addressing our clients and presenting your offer. Within Gallery Beta you can e. g. offer auctions, discounts, bulk purchases or you can address people with accordingly targeted campaign. All of that in few minutes. Our Gallery Beta is very simple and intuitive.
  • Are you thinking about the way how to address, motivate or reward your business partners? Then we have an interesting option for business partners motivation.

What are the conditions?

For the cooperation with Gallery Beta you have to only fulfill general legislative conditions. It is enough to be a registered company or a tradesman and our partnership can be set up.

It is enough to contact us – preferably by filling in a form. Our representative signs a contract with you and we prepare all necessary issues (your presentation in Gallery Beta) and we can start.

Simplicity of cooperation

You might be thinking „it looks interesting but it is really difficult“. The opposite is true. Things are as difficult as we create them. Gallery Beta is user friendly and easy. There are transparent guidelines for any activity and it is not a problem for you to use the system effectively  if only you can work with computer a bit. If you need help we are here to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us for help, no question is silly.

Proč se stát partnerem?

You just need any device connected to the internet (PC, tablet, telephone etc. ) to manage your profile and make the most of the possibilities we offer to  you. It does not matter if you are not connected permanently. You can still use Gallery Beta, just without some online options.

No administration

Gallery Beta focuses on the minimum administration and maximum absence of any paper work. Time is money, isn´t it? We do everything regarding to invoicing for you. You do not have to keep any records, count or send anything. Gallery Beta counts it for you, submits all documents (accounting, provision invoice, credits) and we upload it into your account in Gallery Beta. Everything is immediately available  – that´s great, isn´t it?

How can clients pay for their purchases

Gallery Beta is an online electronic motivation system and therefore the most common payment type is via internet.  

If you think „it is easy for them but I do not have a PC or any other device with me all the time. It is not for me“, we can assure you: „It is“!

Do you have a computer available? Tablet? Smart phone? Mobile phone? Landline? Do you accept printed order which is paid in advance and you can check it? If so, there are no barriers in our cooperation.


Do you want to know more? Contact us, we will be glad to meet you!


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